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Yes it does. If you have a community with more than 500 members, please contact us at sales@sweditapp.com

Yes we do. If you are looking for a private or public fitness community or wellness solution for a brand, business, school, university or event, you can contact us at sales@sweditapp.com


Swedit allows you to log running, Steps, Squats and Meditation

Everyone want's to look better, feel healthier and be happier. SWEDIT is a tool to help you achieve this by holding you accountable and encouraging you to be more consistent with your health and fitness routines and rewarding you for achieving your goals.

Yes. SWEDIT is completely free to use. We do offer a premium version that provides a number of great benefits such as extended time limits on rewards, removal of ads, additional bonus challenges, exclusive rewards, access to VIP areas at partner events and much more!

It's easy as 123!

1. Download our app here

2. Sign up and create a profile

3. Start logging your health and fitness activity, taking on challenges and redeeming rewards and crushing your goals!

SWEDIT is currently available in Malaysia and Thailand but will be rolling out to other ASEAN countries in 2021.

We are working hard to make SWEDIT available in every country around the world. If you would like SWEDIT to be in your country, please let us know by clicking here

SWEDIT Squads are groups formed within the SWEDIT app. Many of the Squads on SWEDIT are existing gyms, run clubs and other fitness communities. Squads have their own Squad page with Squad information and notifications. Squads are able to run competitions, challenges and offer their own rewards.

You can log any fitness  or mindfulness activity that is recorded with your IOS Apple Health App or Android Google Fit App. The different activities are awarded different credits. 

Run/Walk = 1 Credit / KM

Mindfulness = 1 Credit / 10 min activity

Yoga = 1 Credit / 10 min activity

Workout = 1 Credit / 10 min activity

To log an activity, simply tap the SWEDIT icon in the menu bar >    > and use the SWEDIT Tracker to track you run or tap the "Sync Tracker" button and select either the Apple Health or Google Fit icon to sync activity from another app. SWEDIT will automatically begin syncing your activity and calculating your credits

We are working to integrate more tracking apps to sync with SWEDIT. In the meantime, you will need to use your Apple Health or Google Fit. You can also suggest an app to us by clicking here

Try deleting the SWEDIT app and reinstalling it. Sometimes the app does not get updated correctly and needs to be installed again. If this does not work, please email us at support@sweditapp.com

Please try closing the SWEDIT app completely and then re-opening it. If you have still not received your credits after doing this, then please email us at support@sweditapp.com


SWEDIT Credits are points that you receive for logging a fitness or mindfulness activity on the SWEDIT app. You can redeem credits for rewards in the SWEDIT Reward Store.

Credits are awarded as follows:


You earn SWEDIT Credits by logging your workout, run, cycle, swim, hike, meditation and by supporting fellow SWEDIT members.

Run/Walk = 1 Credit / KM

Mindfulness = 1 Credit / 10 min activity

Yoga = 1 Credit / 10 min activity

Workout = 1 Credit / 10 min activity

You do not lose SWEDIT Credits, but you can spend them. when using credits to redeem rewards, these credits will be deducted from your balance.

No. Credits can only be used inside the SWEDIT App with official SWEDIT Partners.

No. SWEDIT Credit can only be used by the person that has logged the activity. We believe strongly that in order to become a better version of yourself, you need to work for it yourself. SWEDIT Credit cannot be given or purchased. Only worked for.

SWEDIT Rewards are rewards offered by our Partners to the SWEDIT community. These can range from Useful content like workout plans to discounts , coupons and buy one get one free deals.

Redeeming a reward is done in 3 easy steps. 1. Select the reward you would like to redeem. 2. Click the redeem button. 3. Click "Confirm". The details of the redeemed reward, including the coupon code will be saved in your wallet to be used at a later stage. A copy will also be sent to your email. You can then simply follow the instructions given by the reward partner to apply the coupon code on their website or at their event or store.

Yes, you can redeem a reward for a friend.

Yes. All redeemed rewards are saved to your SWEDIT wallet to be accessed when needed. However, please take note of validity of reward set by the reward partner.

You can find this in the SWEDIT Wallet tab, or by checking your emails from SWEDIT.


A Challenge is often sponsored by our partners and could be either a physical or mindfulness task that needs to be completed in a specific amount of time. Completing a challenge will result in one of the following rewards: extra credits, unique rewards, lucky draw tickets and prizes.

Simply tap on the challenge card on the home screen or navigate to the challenge tab, select a challenge and tap the "join" button.

When you win a challenge, you will be sent an email containing information about your prize. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours, please contact info@sweditapp.com

SWEDIT has 5 levels with users reaching these by logging activity on a daily basis. Each level requires  7 days of activity to be logged. 

Every level reduces the cost of any reward by 10% This will allow you to redeem more rewards with your credit. 


You can also be downgraded by being inactive.

Each level is made up of 7 Streaks. You earn a Streak for each day that you log an activity. 

7 Streaks = 7 Days activity = New Level

You level gets downgraded by 1 Streak for every inactive day. You will continue to be downgraded until level 1 if you do not log any activity.

The highest level is Level 5. Level 5 reduces all reward prices by 50%

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